E Smith Consulting, LLC
From Strategy to Success


  1. Market Entry Planning and Execution
    New to the federal marketplace? We will help you assess your addressable market and develop a strategy and plan for selling your solutions to the federal customers.
  2. Growth Strategies and Prioritization Exercises
    Looking to grow your business into new areas and new agencies? We will work with you to identify your top new targets and establish new customer and industry relationships and contracts.
  3. Business Development Best Practices Assessment
    With experience working with dozens of major companies in the US Government market, we will benchmark your sales capabilities and processes again industry best practices to improve your results.
  4. Teaming, Networking, and Recruiting Top Talent
    With a broad and extensive network, we can assist you in developing or joining the right team for an opportunity. Need some top talent to help sell to an important customer or delivery a key program? We can help you find the right individual, or refer you to specialized recruiters.
  5. Acquisition Vehicle Assessment and Support
    Are you looking to gain entry to key customers but do not have the right contract vehicles? Or, do you have the vehicles but are not winning task orders? We can help you work with the government and industry partners to gain access to the right contract vehicles.
  6. Delivery Excellence Assessment
    Are your CPARs where they need to be? We will conduct an end-to-end assessment of your delivery capabilities and outcomes to help you improve your performance and gain needed accreditations such as SEI CMM and ISO certifications.
  7. Big Deal Capture Planning and Support
    Are you pursuing a large procurement and need seasoned capture expertise to improve your win probability? With experience in winning the largest of federal contracts, we bring knowledge of what it takes to be successful.
  8. Standards Needs Assessment and Compliance
    New to the federal environment? Are the FARS confusing? We will conduct an assessment of your risks and challenges to meeting critical government requirements and certifications.
  9. Technical and Pricing Proposal Development
    With expertise from bidding proposals of all types, we can assist in developing and conducting red team reviews, black hats, and war games to improve your scores. Need pricing help? We can assist with "as-a-service" pricing and price-to-win studies.
  10. Mergers and Acquisition Support
    Is organic growth happening too slowly? Is there a need to expand into new areas but your capabilities don't support customer needs? We can help you develop an acquisition plan and identify the right candidates to meet your needs.